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Ford’s New Car Helps You To Drive The Speed Limit All The Time

Ford’s New Car Helps You To Drive The Speed Limit All The Time

If you drive a car every day, odds are you tend to speed,at least a little bit. Everyone does it, there’s no hiding it. Regardless how much you speed, it can still be dangerous and in some cases a danger for the other drivers around. Ford is taking a new step to eliminate that issue with their new car.

Ford’s “Intelligent Speed Limiter” will be seen first in the Ford S-Max which is launching in Europe soon. So how does it work? Using a small, mounted camera on your windshield, the car will scan the sides of the highway for road signs and attempt to find the speed limit on those signs. The car will then automatically limit the car to that speed. Rather than doing that with automatic braking, the car limits the amount of fuel that can be used by the engine.

S-MAX_intelligent_speed_limiter-compressor (1)

Ford’s speed limiting technology tracks road signs and adjusts your speed limit accordingly.


If you do need to speed up for whatever reason, that’s not an impossibility. The system can be turned on temporarily using a button on the console or hitting the gas firmly.

The car will also sense if you speed up by means of a downhill gradient and notify you of that speed increase but it won’t slow you down.

What do you think of this new tech? Good thing or bad? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Ford

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  1. Joshua Bane

    My wife and I were just discussing how we would like Google Maps to include speed limits.

    • Ben Schoon

      That would be awesome.