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UK Carrier Three Looks To Buy Their Rivals O2

UK Carrier Three Looks To Buy Their Rivals O2

The Economist is reporting today that Hutchison Whampoa, a group of Hong Kong stakeholders, have announced their plans to buy rivial mobile carrier O2.

Hutchinson Whampoa, known inside the UK as Three, plan to merge the two networks in a deal they have been planning since January of this year. The deal said to be worth £10.25 billion/$15.27 billion has yet to get government approval is said to potentially save £250 million/$371 million a year, according to one conservative estimate.

There has been word yet on if this deal goes through what this will mean for customers. Will they continue to operate under separate names, will one or both be rebranded in a similar way that Orange and T-Mobile were under the EE branding. One thing is we will be keeping an eye on this as more derails emerge.

With the ever shrinking nature of the range of choice customers have in the UK do you think this is a good idea? Perhaps you are an O2, or Three customer. Let us know what you think. We would really love to hear your views.

Source: The Economist

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