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What’s New On Our New Website?

What’s New On Our New Website?

It’s been a while since we redesigned our website, and today we’re happy to introduce the latest look for iTechTriad. This time around however, it’s not just a facelift, we’ve added some great new features and sped up the site a lot. So what’s new? Let me show you.

New Look

Our entire website has received a facelift that not only looks good on the desktop, but on mobile as well. The entire site is still responsive so that everything fits on your computer, tablet, or phone without losing any features. Posts now have not only cleaner ads, but less ads. This should give you not only a faster experience, but also an experience that is easier reading experience.

New Features

Unlike previous redesigns, our website now has new features as well. The first of these is poll of the week. On the sidebar of every page on the site you’ll see a poll regarding something currently in the news. This poll will be changed every Sunday night with it’s results posted in an article on Monday morning.

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Our reviews have also been updated with a brand new review footer. Every review will show the price range, the device’s rating out of 10, how that score was given, and a few pros and cons. We hope that this new footer will help you better make a decision on which phone you should buy. To further enhance that, the sidebar of the website shows our top scored phones, tablets, wearables, and more on any articles or reviews. In the future we’ll continue to expand this feature to help you even more.


So that’s essentially what’s new with our new website. We hope you enjoy it and we’ll continue to tweak it and add new feature as time goes on. What’s your opinion on our new site? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ben Schoon

Ben is a tech geek who co-founded YourTechExplained in 2016. Constantly switching between devices that literally surround him, he can be found reviewing the latest smartphones around the web.


  1. Robert Best

    Looking great.

  2. Juan Sanchez

    Great works looks awesome, like the new colors.

  3. Dinsan

    Looks neat 🙂