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VLC Android App Coming To Chromebooks

VLC Android App Coming To Chromebooks

VLC has long been known as one of the best media players available and everytime it hits a new platform, users get excited. One platform that many want it on, but haven’t gotten it yet is Chrome OS. According to Andandtech, it’s coming, but not quite in the way you expected.

Rather than a normal Chrome app, this will be a port of the Android app running in the “app runtime for Chrome”. The app runtime for Chrome isn’t anything new, but it’s exciting to know that VLC is among the new few apps to get this functionality. Andandtech received a debug version of the app during their testing of the Chromebook Pixel 2015. Their report was good on the app’s performance keeping in mind it wasn’t the final version.


As of right now we don’t know when this update will be coming, but it’s certainly not too far off. Are you excited for VLC to make it’s way to Chrome OS? Stay tuned right here for more information regarding when the app does indeed hit the Chrome Web Store.

Via: Chrome Story

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