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Second Gen Moto 360 Leaks By The Hand On Lenovo’s CEO

Second Gen Moto 360 Leaks By The Hand On Lenovo’s CEO

Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo may have just posted images on Weibo of the next generation Moto 360. It’s unknown if he did it by mistake, but either way, let’s gather around and drool at the new hardware together.

The post went up on Weibo but was quickly removed and specifically mentioned the name “Moto 360”. The watch seen in the pictures certainly resembles the current Moto 360 and even shows us some of the potential band options for the watch.

The images reveal a handful of different things. First, the button on the watch has been moved slightly. Instead of sitting at the 3 o’ clock location, it’s been moved slightly higher to about 2 o’ clock. The watch also has lugs sticking out where the bands attach. Not only will this make swapping bands easier, but it also makes the device look more like a refined timepiece. It also looks like Motorola has added two new color options for the watch’s body in a “rose gold” and a dark gray. It also looks like Motorola will be offering two different sizes for the 360 as opposed to simply two different types of bands. As far as bands go, we’ve got plenty of options. These range from metal link bands and leather bands all of varying styles.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the flat tire. It’s hard to tell for sure if it will stick around on this watch. Some of the watches give off this impression, but another does the opposite. It should be interesting to see if Motorola keeps this design around given it’s reaction on the previous version of the watch.


Via: HelloMotoHK

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