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RewardTag Makes It Easy To Return Lost Items

RewardTag Makes It Easy To Return Lost Items

Do you have a plethora (big vocabulary word alert) of electronic devices? I sure do. Just to name a few, there’s my Moto X, my Chromebook, my Nexus 10, and a camera. Yes, I really do have a camera other than the one on my phone. Have you ever set one of your devices down and walked away without it? I’m not saying whether I did or did not, but if I did, my heart would immediately spring from my chest and start beating a million times faster.

Recently, I reviewed some bags from STM Bags. Included with the bags was a little tag from a company called “RewardTag.” The tag has a serial number, a printed “RETURN FOR REWARD” message, and their website the URL of their website,

Registering is a very easy process. You just go to their webpage and enter the requested information. You’ll be prompted to create an account with a username and password and all the usual account registration information. You’re asked for your name, a description of the device you’re associating with the tag, your phone number, and an alternate phone number. You’re also asked if you would like to provide a reward to the finder and you can enter a message to the finder, such as, “Thank you for returning my item to me.” You’re now good to go and can attach the tag to your device. If the item is found by someone, they can visit and enter the serial number on the tag. Once they do this, your contact info (name, email, phone number), the reward you’re offering, and your “thank you” message. The finder has the option of accepting or declining your reward. It is up to you and the finder to figure out how to recover your item.

I once used a service similar to RewardTag many years ago. The other service kept you completely anonymous. The finder just called a toll-free number and spoke with an operator. After the operator gets all the details, a courier is sent to the finder’s location to retrieve the item and bring it to you. Sounds great on paper, but the place that offered this service went out of business. I spoke with Danny Coorsh, co-founder of RewardTag and he plans on being around. Their business model is a lot stronger than the other service. I think the expense of using the courier service did them in. RewardTag is simple. You just pay for a tag. Just $4.99 for a single tag. You also can get packages, which will reduce the cost of the tags. A 10 pack of tags is only $29.99.

An advantage of using RewardTag is that the tag itself does not have any personal information listed. The person has to go to a website and type in the serial number before your information is provided. If you use a luggage tag with all your personal information then someone can see it, know that you’re not home, and then go pay your valuables a visit.

I don’t plan on testing RewardTag, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

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Neal lives in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with his wife and kids. Neal often dreams of a having a UPS truck full of all the latest tech gadgets pull into his driveway.