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TYLT Moto 360 (2014) Band Review

TYLT Moto 360 (2014) Band Review

As smartwatches get more and more prevalent, so will third party bands. Motorola has actually teamed up with a couple of companies to offer some premium bands to Moto 360 owners. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been using one of those bands from TYLT. This band isn’t for those who want metal or even leather, but just want a comfortable, yet still good looking band for their watch.


The TYLT Moto 360 band is made from soft silicon with a metal buckle. The silicon can come in 4 different colors, black, purple, gray, or blue as I have. The silicon itself is very soft to the touch and feels absolutely wonderful on the wrist. I’m hesitant to say it feels better than Motorola’s Horween leather band, but it’s pretty close. As the day goes on it definitely builds up a bit of sweat, but that’s just natural of the material.

As far as the buckle and clasp goes, I absolutely love the idea here, but there is one small problem with it. Actually putting it on. The buckle works as expect. You would simply slide the band through the clasp and then tighten it. Except it’s not that simple. The clasp which attaches further on the watch is very hard to slip through the buckle. I’m not sure if it’s going to be an issue on every one of these sold, but it’s certainly an issue for me.

Last but not least let’s talk installation. It’s pretty straight forward. Installing this band like installing any other. If you’ve never done this, check out my installation video which is embedded below. What’s great though is that TYLT makes this process very painless. In the box they include not only spare pins, but a tool to help you remove the band. While the tool was a bit small for me and I reverted to one I already owned, this is a great addition as most people don’t have one of these tools on hand (#techreviewlife).

Overall, TYLT has a great little product here. It’s high quality and extremely comfortable. It includes a lot of great tools in the box as well. However I don’t think it’s worth the $29.99 asking price unless you really want a silicon band. Personally I’m a fan of Motorola’s leather band and since these two are the same price, I lean toward the Motorola band a little more. But not everyone is the same. If you prefer a silicon band, you should definitely consider this product. You can pick it up from TYLT at the links below.

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