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Tackform Magneto Mini Review

Tackform Magneto Mini Review

Safety is paramount when driving a car. We all like to use our phone for GPS directions or streaming music to our radio, but we need to name sure the device is position properly so we don’t take our eyes off the road. I got my hands on a great product from Tackform, the Magneto Mini, a car vent mounted mobile phone mount.

Right from the start I was impressed with the packaging design as well as the product itself. Despite its relatively low price point, this is not a product made of cheap plastic. The package includes three parts, the vent mount (where the magnet is housed) and two steel plates for mounting on your device. One of the plates is round and the other is a rectangle.

The magnet in the vent mount is extremely strong as I tried my darndest to shake my phone off of the mount with no success. The steel plates have a sticky tape on one side to apply either on your phone itself or on your case. The magnet is strong enough to work through a case, but I opted to install mine on the outside of the case.  

Installation in the car was simple, just choose the vent you want to use and slide the base right on. The design of the base allows for the prongs to spread enough to grip tight onto the vent.  I was impressed with the flexibility for position due to the magnet base have the ability to spin, coupled with the vent specific adjustments. I was able to easily adjust the position to minimized glare and place it in the perfect viewing position.  Being winter here, I was concerned having the heat blasting right onto the back of my phone, but that was quickly resolved by closing the vent – concern averted.

Removal of my phone was a bit tricky. Due to the strength of the magnet, pulling the phone straight out resulted in the mount coming off the vent with the phone. However, if I removed the phone by tilting on its axis with the mount, I was able to remove the phone and leave the mount on the vent.

Overall thoughts are that the Magneto Mini is a top notch, well constructed phone mount that would make a great addition to anyone’s vehicle.

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