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Pocket Casts Receives An Update, Lots Of Material Design In Tow

Pocket Casts Receives An Update, Lots Of Material Design In Tow

It’s one of the most beloved podcast apps on Android, Pocket Casts, and today it has received a major update. Said update brings the app up to version 5.0 and like the title says, brings with it a ton of material design. You are going to want to install this update folks.

Besides the Material Design that is included in this update there were also a couple of features added as well. Swiping left on episodes will now allow you to mark them as played or unplayed. Volume boost and silence removal were also added to this update, definitely welcome additions. Then we have a new feature called “Mini Player,” which allows you to swipe across to see what podcast is coming up next and lets you easily add more to that list. 

If you have already purchased the app then the update to version 5.0 should be currently awaiting you on the Google Play Store. However, if you don’t already own this app but you want to, it will cost you $3.99. 

Source: Pocket Casts

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