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The New MacBook Is Official

The New MacBook Is Official

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for at the Apple event, the new MacBook Air has just been made official. This new MacBook Air is 12″ and has a lot of new technology built into it to make it better in almost every way you could think. New Keyboard, new display, new body, new trackpad, everything is new here folks and it’s darn impressive. 

This new MacBook is extremely thin and light, weighing in at only 2 pounds and 13.1mm thin. But what about all of this new technology we were talking about? Well lets dive right in and talk about some of it. First off we have the new keyboard, instead of using the typical scissor mechanism Apple uses a newly invented butterfly mechanism under the keys. This makes keypresses much more stable and precise. As for the display, it is edge-to-edge glass with a resolution of 2304 x 1440. Included in this display are pixels that let more light through, making the display significantly brighter and clearer. 

Something that we really caught us off guard is the newly reinvented trackpad in the new MacBook Air. This trackpads “click feel” is actually managed by software, which is absolutely crazy. You will actually be able to adjust how hard you will have to press on the trackpad to get a response using software. 

Then we move onto the most exciting part of the new MacBook Air, it’s fanless! Yes, that’s right folks, this new MacBook will have no fans or vents. Meaning that the MacBook will be completely noiseless. With no fans and everything internal being shrunk down significantly, what does Apple do with all of that extra space inside the new MacBook? They cram it full of batteries. Apple does this with an amazing battery technology that they call terraced, contoured batteries. What this does is allow Apple to almost stack the batteries directly on top of eachother, allowing them to get 35% more battery in the same amount of space as a normal battery. This battery technology will get you 10 hours of battery life on the new MacBook Air.

The new MacBook will use USB-C and that’s about it for ports. Apple is trying to move away from cords with new MacBook, wanting everything to go wireless using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apple believes that this is the new way that we need to move as it will provide true portability for devices. 

Stay tuned to iTechTriad for continuing coverage on the new 12″ MacBook Air. 

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