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The Most Expensive $17,000 Apple Watch Edition Doesn’t Even Come With A Metal Band

The Most Expensive $17,000 Apple Watch Edition Doesn’t Even Come With A Metal Band

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Today Apple finally revealed everything about the Apple Watch from battery life to pricing. For the most part, it was all very impressive. Pricing was not however. The base model, as previously announced, is $349. That’s for the Sport edition in small. Not too bad, but wait, it gets worse.

Following that we haI’mve the standard Apple Watch. This version has a stainless steel body and starts at $549. That’s not too horrifying, but getting options like a black case and a metal band bring that price up to over $1,000. This is in no way a comparison to the Apple Watch Edition though. That model starts at $10,000. Why? Because it’s made of solid gold.

Now the watch is already overpriced, but when you have a product made of solid gold, that’s expected. What I didn’t expect however, was for Apple to go cheap here. If you’re going to charge $10,000 for a smartwatch, at least make it as premium as possible. But no. Instead Apple includes a rubber band on the base model and doesn’t even offer an option with a metal band. This just absolutely blew my mind. How can a company charge this much for a product without making it comparable to other watches in the same price class? Apparently, because they’re Apple.

Here’s the kicker though. The most expensive version of the Apple Watch, the one that costs $17,000, still doesn’t include a metal band. If you want a metal band, it’s an extra $449.

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