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Google Has Just Made Android 5.1 Official

Google Has Just Made Android 5.1 Official

We’ve known about it for awhile but now it’s finally official, Android 5.1. It looks like Google decided to drop this news on the same day as Apple had their big event in San Francisco. This was almost surely done on purpose and we think it’s a smart move on Google’s part. 

So what is included in this new update to Android? Multiple SIM card support, Device Protection, and high-definition voice support. Along with the regular bug fixes and stability improvements of course. Only one of these new additions really requires us to talk about it and that is Device Protection, the others are pretty self-explanatory. 

What Google says Device Protection is, is a feature that will keep your device locked if lost or stolen, until you sign into it with your Google account. The best part is that your device will remain locked even if someone factory resets it. 

Oh wait there’s more! With Android 5.1 users will be able to join Wi-Fi networks and manage your Bluetooth devices directly from your devices Quick Settings. 

Google has not detailed which devices will be getting this update quite yet but they say in the blog post that the update is beginning to rollout to devices starting today. 

Source: Google 

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