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Grid Is NVIDIAs New Game-Streaming Service

Grid Is NVIDIAs New Game-Streaming Service

NVIDIA is currently right in the middle of their press conference and things are getting very interesting. What we are talking about in this article though is a new game-streaming service that NVIDIA has literally just announced called Grid. But this isn’t just any game-streaming service, it allows users to stream games in 1080p at 60FPS, no easy feat by any means. 

This new Grid service will be built-in to the new NVIDIA Shield set-top-box that NVIDIA also just announced on stage. The new Grid service will launch alongside the NVIDIA Shield set-top-box in May and will offer customers two separate subscription tiers.

The first of these two tiers will be free and offer customers over 50 games to choose from. Then there is the premium subscription that will allow customers to purchase many AAA titles the same day that they become available on other consoles for similar prices, around $60. 

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