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Apple Wants Everyone To Know How Good The iPhone 6 Camera Is

Apple Wants Everyone To Know How Good The iPhone 6 Camera Is
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We are now in the midst of Mobile World Congress news with the Samsung Galaxy S6 being the obvious show-stealer so far. One of the main bullet points of the Galaxy S6 is its amazing camera that has amazing low-light performance and a high megapixel count. But Apple doesn’t want customers to forget that they have an amazing camera too, on their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. 

Today the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, took to Twitter with the following tweet, “Check it out! Celebrating the amazing, breathtaking photos of our customers shot on iPhone 6.” At the end of said tweet was a link to the homepage of where you can find these photos that Tim Cook was talking about. 

The photos shot using the iPhone 6 do look impressive but the Galaxy S6 will surely give the device a run for its money with its camera technology. In fact, photos and videos shot on the iPhone 6 were compared to those shot on the Galaxy S6 quite a bit during Samsung Unpacked. If these were true comparisons then the Galaxy S6 may be the new big kid on the block, camera wise. 

Source: Apple

Via: Tim Cook (Twitter)

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