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Samsung Actually Bundled Microsoft Apps On The Galaxy S6

Samsung Actually Bundled Microsoft Apps On The Galaxy S6

A little while ago the rumor mill was full of rumors that Samsung and Microsoft had a little bit of a relationship going on. This was relationship was supposedly so good that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was going to come with Microsoft apps pre-installed. Of course, this was seen as pretty significant deal in the Android community. 

It turns out that those rumors were very true, the Galaxy S6 will come out-of-the-box with a few Microsoft apps pre-installed. More specifically, OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype, will all come on the Galaxy S6. But wait there’s more! Along with these Microsoft apps, users will receive 115GB of OneDrive storage and Microsoft Office mobile. 

This is a huge deal due to the fact that it shows that Microsoft and Samsung have now taken a stance to defeat Google’s services. It will be interesting to see how this new Microsoft and Samsung deal plays out in the future. 

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