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Huawei Will Unveil An Android Wear Smartwatch During MWC

Huawei Will Unveil An Android Wear Smartwatch During MWC

MWC is right around the corner and there are tons of leaks and rumors surrounding the devices that will supposedly be revealed to the world there. But it looks like Android Central has spotted something at the Barcelona Airport that is a little more than a leak or rumor. In fact, this new wearable is now unofficially official. 

The folks over at Android Central have spotted and photographed what appears to be a wearable that Huawei has created called the “Huawei Watch.” It was spotted in an advertisement that can be seen at the Barcelona Airport, where many technology journalists will pass through to get to MWC. This ad placement is no coincidence, Huawei must have placed the ad there to get journalists excited and writing about it like we are guilty of here. 

“Timeless design. Smart within” is what the Huawei ad reads, also showing full images of the device. As for what the device itself looks like (you can see it below) it looks like the Moto 360 with a touch of sophistication, it’s actually quite nice looking. Thankfully, there is also Android Wear branding in the bottom right corner of the ad telling us that the wearable will be running Android Wear instead of some proprietary Huawei software. 

Via: Android Central

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