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Hands-On Video Of The HTC One M9 Appears On YouTube

Hands-On Video Of The HTC One M9 Appears On YouTube

Today we have yet another HTC One M9 leak to share with you guys. This time it is actually a video instead of images, which is always better in our opinion. To take it even a step further, the video shows the HTC One M9 next to its predecessors, the M7 and M8. These comparisons give us a better idea of how big the M9 is and what separates it from the M7 and M8, physically.

In the hands-on video, the person handling the devices mentions that the M9 will contain a 20MP rear camera. Meaning that HTC will be ditching their famous “Ultra Pixels” in their cameras. This lines up with previous leaks of the device detailing that the M9 would have a 20MP camera. As for the front-facing camera, it is supposedly the 4-ultrapixel camera that was the main camera of the M8. This means that taking pictures with the front-facing camera on the M9 will look excellent in low-light conditions, which is always a plus. 

Of course, there is no way to tell for sure if the device shown as the M9 in this video is legitimate or even a final production device. Because of this fact we urge all of you reading this to take the information in this video pertaining to the M9 with a grain of salt. We only have to wait one more day to see the device officially unveiled to the world anyways. 

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