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The PhotoMath App Has Finally Landed On Android

The PhotoMath App Has Finally Landed On Android

PhotoMath is a pretty fantastic math problem solving app that came to iOS and Windows Phone awhile back, we were told that the Android app would come a day in the near future. That day is today, the PhotoMath app has just been released on Android. Now students with Android devices can cheat on their math homework as well. 

Using the app is as simple as it gets, all you have to do is resize the viewfinder window so that it will fit around your math problem and eureka! Your math problem is magically solved. Not only does the app solve the problem and show you the answer, it will also show you the steps it takes to solve the problem. This will allow students to not only get the answer but to also learn how to solve the problem themselves. 

The app currently only supports more basic math problems, calculus is a little out of the question at the moment. But there’s no need to fret, the developers of PhotoMath say that support for more complex problems and equations is coming in the future. 

Source: PhotoMath (Google Play Store)

Via: Android Police

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