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Ingress Is Coming To Android Wear

Ingress Is Coming To Android Wear

Ingress is a casual game that was created by Google in an attempt to get people out and about while gaming. The game was a success, being downloaded almost 10 million times since its creation in 2012. Now it looks like Google wants to naturally advance Ingress to their new and growing platform, Android Wear. 

The idea behind having Ingress on your wrist is that it will allow you to be involved with the game while you are out and about without having to be an anti-social person by pulling your phone out and staring at the screen. With Ingress on your Android Wear device you will be able to quickly glance down at your wrist and read notifications pertaining to the game. 

Very little is currently known about what information your Android Wear device will be capable of receiving about from the Ingress app. Luckily, Google was nice enough to provide the boys over at Endgadget a look at some early screenshots of the app running on Android Wear devices. You can take a look at those below. 

Source: Endgadget

Via: TechAeris

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