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Google’s Mountain View Headquarters Is Getting A Futuristic Redesign

Google’s Mountain View Headquarters Is Getting A Futuristic Redesign

Google is preparing to make some big changes to their presence in Mountain View sooner than later. Today the company has submitted plans to the Mountain View City Council that propose a significant expansion of their Mountain View headquarters in a very “Googly” way. 

The plan is to redevelop four areas in Mountain View where Google has previously owned office space. These four areas will be completely built from scratch from the ground up and everything but ordinary. You see, these new buildings are to be designed by two of the worlds best architects, which Google scoured the globe to find. Said architects are Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick, some of you may have heard of them if you are into that kind of stuff. 

What these two architects have come up with for the new Google buildings is awe inspiring to say the least. Just take a look at the mock up photos and the 10 minute long video Google released, which you can find below. The buildings are built out of lightweight, movable structures that will allow Google to have them moved around to better suit the changing needs of the company. These structures will be protected from the elements under a thin glass material that will come down over the structures almost like a dome. And the best part about these expansions? They will be open to the public. Google does not want these new beautiful buildings to only be accessible by Googlers, quite the opposite actually. Google says that they are not only doing this for the extra office space but for the community as well. 

If these amazing new buildings do end up coming to fruition, they will surely get Google a lot of attention. This attention will not only be from techies and Google fanboys but from tourists and tons of major news outlets as well. We can see tons of people flocking to the companies Mountain View headquarters just to get a look at these futuristic looking buildings. 

You can take a look at the mock up images below. Just click on the left or right of the photos to scroll through them. Enjoy!

Source: Google 

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