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Google Is Automatically Converting Flash Ads To HTML5

Google Is Automatically Converting Flash Ads To HTML5

Google is making a big change to ads served through their Google Display Network and DoubleClick Network. The technology giant will begin to convert all HTML5 ads through either of the services just mentioned to Flash, automatically. Meaning that all existing and new Flash ads serviced through this network will be converted to HTML5 by Google. 

A change like this took a very long time to take place due to Flash being so ingrained in the way we do things on the internet. But thankfully this long overdue change is finally upon us and believe us when we say that it is welcomed. Unfortunately, there is a slight downside to this change for advertisers. 

Advertisers won’t exactly know when their Flash ads will be getting magically converted to HTML5. Although, Google is currently working hard on developing a system that will let advertisers know when their ads have been converted. This will definitely be something that advertisers will want to be aware of because of that fact that some Flash ads will simply not be able to be converted to HTML5. 

If you happen to be an advertiser who is reading this then you may want to know if there is any way that you could check if your Flash ad can be converted. There is! What you will have to do is upload it to the Swiffy tool which you can find by clicking here. If the Swiffy tool is successfully able to convert your ad, then you’re good to go!

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