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The LG Watch Urbane Will Have An LTE Variant, But I Doubt It’ll Run Android Wear

The LG Watch Urbane Will Have An LTE Variant, But I Doubt It’ll Run Android Wear

LG’s latest wearable, the LG Watch Urbane had our jaws on the floor a couple weeks ago when it was unveiled. The Android Wear device is designed to be premium, but LG didn’t stop there. Tonight they’ve announce that there with be an LTE variant of the watch.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE has the same 1.3″ inch P-OLED display, Snapdragon 400, and 4GB of storage, but it adds LTE connectivity, NFC, and adds double the RAM (1GB total). The battery has also been upgraded to 700mAh. On the outside the watch is nearly identical to the LG Watch Urbane with an all metal design, but with one obvious change. 

Instead of one button on the device there are three. LG says that these extra buttons are for navigation and easy access to quick settings. This leads me to believe that this is certainly not another Android Wear device. Ignoring the buttons, Android Wear doesn’t support LTE yet, and why would it? I can’t think of anything on Android Wear that would benefit from the addition of LTE connectivity. From everything I’ve seen, I would guess that this watch with run WebOS. If we look back to CES, we saw an LG watch that had WebOS on board with many of the same features. But none of this is confirmed, so that’s just my guess.

Source: LG (translated)

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