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YouTube Kids Is A New Kid Friendly Version Of The YouTube App

YouTube Kids Is A New Kid Friendly Version Of The YouTube App

These days you would be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t use YouTube. It has evolved so much from what it was upon creation, a site full of funny and super random videos. This evolution has caused YouTube to become a massive video sharing website where anybody can upload almost anything that their heart desires and gain an enormous following doing so. Something that previously required you to be a famous movie-star. 

On YouTube you can find virtually any type of content that you can think of, professionally produced as well. This makes YouTube a very desirable content website, often even drawing consumers away from their cable subscriptions. Despite all of this, YouTube has always left one demographic of consumers high and dry, kids. 

It is not easy being a younger kid and trying to get on YouTube, it’s a tad bit too complicated and there is just too much inappropriate content for children. But thankfully, Google is finally doing something about that. Today, USA Today has confirmed that YouTube will be releasing an entirely new YouTube app tailored made for kids. This new YouTube app will be called “YouTube Kids” and it’s a fantastic idea. 

USA Today apparently got a little sneak-peak of new the app as they were able to describe what the interface of the app looks like. They described the app’s home screen as containing eight large images pertaining to popular kids TV shows. Above said images sat five navigational buttons that are very simple and easy to use. 

Hello, World!

Also included in the new app is voice search. This was done for a very specific reason, a good majority of kids just aren’t that good at typing and spelling. YouTube even went as far as to not allow kids to search for words such as “sex.” Parental controls also play a big role in this new YouTube app as parents can do things such as have the app close after the app has been used for a set amount of time. 

This new YouTube Kids app will be launching sooner than you think, February 23rd and will be completely free to use. Upon its launch the app will initially only be available on Android with no word on whether or not it will make it to other platforms such as iOS. But don’t fret, we can almost assure you that it will be available on all other platforms soon after release. 

Source: USA Today

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