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Sprint Makes Yet Another Attempt To Slow T-Mobiles Roll

Sprint Makes Yet Another Attempt To Slow T-Mobiles Roll

Sprint has been trying ever so desperately to compete with T-Mobile as they slowly overtake them and the other major carriers. Unfortunately for Sprint, all of their attempts have essentially failed. That has become very clear just yesterday as T-Mobiles CEO John Legere publicly stated that T-Mobile has surpassed Sprint and become the third biggest wireless carrier in the US. 

Sprint hasn’t publicly acknowledged this bold statement by John Legere yet but they did do something interesting today. Instead of acknowledging this statement with their words, Sprint has instead acknowledged it with action. Just this afternoon the company introduced a new wireless plan for customers priced just under T-Mobiles price for a similar plan. This would be a great move on Sprints part, the only thing is that they aren’t doing it right.

The new plan Sprint introduced is $90 per month and that includes 4 lines, between these 4 lines customers get 12GB of data to share. Where things go wrong is when you look at the fine print. This pricing is only for new customers who are switching to Sprint from another carrier. Existing Sprint customers will have to pay $90 plus the line access fees if they want to use that plan. 

While we appreciate Sprints almost ruthless effort in attempting to keep up with and outdo T-Mobile, it has become an almost sad  endeavor. This new Sprint plan is only a limited time offer so if you are thinking of switching to them with the family then this is actually your best choice. As long as Sprint has decent coverage in your area that is. 

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