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Inbox Compatibility Coming To Google Apps Soon

Inbox Compatibility Coming To Google Apps Soon

Inbox by the Gmail team is a fantastic alternative to Google’s Gmail app that is still relatively new to the email client game. The app is so similar yet so different to the Gmail app, it offers some new functionality yet at the same time is missing some from Gmail. This either drew people in and they loved it or it repulsed them and they never stuck with it. 

One of the biggest reasons that some people ended up not liking or not even trying the Inbox app is due to the fact that it was not compatible with Google apps. Quite a bit of time has passed since the release of Inbox and there have been no significant announcements pertaining to Google apps but today that silence was broken in a big way. 

Sundar Pichai took to Twitter today to let the world know that Inbox will be “rolling out to apps customers imminently.” This is the news that a lot of people have been waiting for but at the same time it creates a whole new question, when will that compatibility come? Although Sundar gave no time window whatsoever, we can say that due to him making a public announcement about the subject, compatibility must be coming sometime soon. 

Source: Sundar Pichai (Twitter)

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