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MobileFun UK Puts The LG Watch Urbane Up For Pre-Order At $442.99 (Update: $368)

MobileFun UK Puts The LG Watch Urbane Up For Pre-Order At $442.99 (Update: $368)

LG caught us off guard earlier this week by announcing the LG Watch Urbane, their new Luxury Android Wear smartwatch. The watch is made of full-metal and without doubting it for a moment, we expected a premium price tag. However, LG might have put this one a little higher then expected. 

MobileFun UK has posted their pre-order page for the LG Watch Urbane and the price tag hits £289 in the UK or $442.99 in the US. That is by far the highest price tag on any Android Wear watch so far. In fact, you could buy two ASUS ZenWatches for the same price and still have some cash left over.

It’s likely this isn’t the final price, but it might not be too far off. We’ll have to wait and see for the official pricing from LG.

UPDATE: Since this article was posted MobileFun US has listed the LG Watch Urbane for $368. This is more likely the official pricing in the US, or at least pretty close.

Source: MobileFun UK, MobileFun US

Via: DroidHorizon

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