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Updated Google Play Music App Now Works On The iPad

Updated Google Play Music App Now Works On The iPad

A lot of iOS users were actually pretty happy when Google Play Music made its way over to iOS but there was always one huge drawback. While the Google Play Music app worked fine on iPhones, it never worked on the iPad. Thankfully, today that changed.

An update to the iOS version of the Google Play Music app was pushed out today and it addressed the issue of the app not working on the iPad. After users update the app they should have no problem opening and running the app on their iPad, getting the same experience that they would on their iPhone. 

Both the iPhone app as well as the iPad app are beautifully designed using Google’s Material Design making them a nice choice when looking for an iOS music streaming service. If you own an iPad and are a user of Google Play Music then we definitely recommend checking this app out. You can download it from iTunes by clicking here

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