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How Close Are We To Having Your Next Pizza Delivered By Drone?

How Close Are We To Having Your Next Pizza Delivered By Drone?

Drones are everywhere in the news lately, especially technology news. Drone this and drone that, what’s up with all of this drone talk lately? It seems like it all came out of nowhere but the reality of the matter is that it didn’t. All of this drone talk is here and in the news so much lately for a reason, they are here in numbers and they are getting dangerously good at what they do. 

I believe that all of this drone talk really took off and started popping up in the news during CES where there was no shortage of different types of drones. Everywhere you turned at CES there would be some sort of drone that was capable of some awesome feat such as dodging incoming objects or following its user. But none of this would matter or catch on if people didn’t see a use for and love these things we call drones, can you guess if they did? 

I live in California and it’s not an odd thing for me to walk outside and see a drone somewhat close to my house just hovering there, more than likely taking pictures or videos of who knows what.  Even driving around I will sometimes catch a drone hovering over the road probably taking a video of the cars passing under. Sure both of these activities can be dangerous and have the potential to cause quite a bit of issues but who cares, it’s fun. But what we are focusing on here is not the fun and non-commercial use of drones, we are instead here to discuss a very specific commercial use of drones, delivery of goods. 

It has long been a dream of mine to get a pizza that I ordered delivered not by some teenager driving a beat up Honda Civic but instead by a cool high-tech drone that flies itself. Amazon is already developing drones and systems that will make something very similar to this a reality. Amazon wants drones to deliver their items that people order from instead of trucks and this is fantastic. The company has drones that are essentially capable of making deliveries as long as the delivery location is within a reasonable distance. Don’t expect to have your item delivered from Washington to a state like California via drone anytime soon. 

This drone delivery service that Amazon is pursuing already has a name, Amazon Air. The main hurtle with this new program is not an easy one by any means to get over, United States laws and regulations. While the FAA did introduce a new proposal for some great drone rules a couple of days ago, this is still only the very first baby step in the right direction. 

Even when these new FAA rules for drones officially go into place, they will not affect services that use drones to deliver goods such as Amazon Air. Companies as well as consumers will still not be able to operate drones out of their range of sight. This definitely means no drones delivering any sort of services, including pizza. Thankfully, Amazon is actively trying to fight this rule and get it changed so that at least companies will be capable of operating drones out of their range of sight. If this change ever does come to fruition then it could mean pizza delivery by drones. 

All in all, where we stand right now, pizza delivered by drones instead of teenagers is a little far off. But, with a little hope and tenacity, companies like Amazon that see great possibilities with drones can get rules and laws put into place that will make pizza delivery by drone a regular thing. Once that happens, the only thing I will have to worry about is people knocking a drone out of the sky and stealing my pizza mid-delivery. 

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