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Toshiba Demos Two Camera Modules for Project Ara

Toshiba Demos Two Camera Modules for Project Ara

We’re always excited to learn more about Project Ara, the modular smartphone that Google is working on. Toshiba is now showing off its first camera modules which are currently in development for Project Ara. The units will be available in 5MP and 13MP variants with a 2MP front facing module also in the works. The video below shows the 5MP module capturing and transmitting live images.

This marks the first of Toshiba’s three development phases which is “basic functions”. After that is “up-to-date features” like NFC. The third is “unique features”.

These camera modules should be ready in 2016. Project Ara is expected to launch in limited markets by the end of 2015.

Via: PetaPixels

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