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Apple’s iWork Now Available On Non-Apple Devices

Apple’s iWork Now Available On Non-Apple Devices

Apple is making a smart yet “un-Apple” like move tonight as they have just made iWork available on any device that connects to the internet. Before, users had to own an Apple device in order to use any of the iWork products such as Pages or Keynote. All you need is an internet connected device, whether that be a windows laptop or an Android smartphone. 

Users will now be able to create an Apple ID, which will allow them to use iWork, without actually needing to own an Apple device. This was an obvious move by Apple to compete with Google’s own suite of online apps such as Docs or Sheets. They are very much the same type of product and this will promote some nice competition between the two now that anybody can have access to either suite of services.

Apple’s iWork is completely free which makes it worth looking at as an alternative to Google’s services. Granted iWork is lacking a little in the feature department, it is still a great service to use that a lot of people prefer over Google’s services. 

Via: 9to5Mac

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