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Home Alone On Valentines Day? Try Out These Android Games

Home Alone On Valentines Day? Try Out These Android Games

We’ve all been there, home alone on Valentines day telling ourselves that it’s a stupid holiday anyways. But being home alone on Valentines day doesn’t have to be a boring ordeal, you could play one of these great Android games. 

The first game we have to recommend is called Crossy Road. Have you ever played the old game Frogger? Well Crossy Road contains the same basic concept only a bit more dynamic. The point of the game is to tap the screen to jump forward and get across streets and rivers, stand still too long and a hawk will swoop down and end your game. And no, you don’t have to play as a frog, there are a ton of different characters that you unlock by collecting coins in the game.

Next up we have a game called Geometry Dash. This game has a very simple yet addicting concept. All you have to do is tap the screen to jump over obstacles as your little character moves along the screen on his own. There are also a few little surprises in this game that keep things fresh and entertaining.

Last but not least we have a really fantastic game that we are sure you’re going to love. It’s a little game by the name of Sky Force 2014. Many of you have probably already heard of it because of its popularity and great reviews on the Google Play Store. What this game involves is your ship flying across a landscape from a top-down view. You will shoot anything that blocks your way, you will also pickup powerups and battle bosses. This game really is a joy and will have you entertained for hours. 

Crossy Road | Geometry Dash | Sky Force 2014

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