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Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand Review

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand Review

One of the most important things about how we set up our desk is where the monitor is. It’s got to be in just the right spot at just the right to make sure you don’t strain your neck during a long day in front of the computer. Depending on your monitor, you might need to raise it up just a bit. That’s where monitor stands come in. Monitor stands lift your screen up a couple of inches to get it to just the right height to make it comfortable to use your computer.

A few months ago I redid my desk set up with a new desk, new monitor and everything. When I did this I realized something, my monitor was way too low and my desk was way too cluttered. So I started looking for a good monitor stand. As I browsed through options on Amazon I was surprised how ugly some of the options were. To make matters worse, everything that looked good was super expensive. Finally I came across the Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand. This stand looked good and fit my budget, but also had another trick up it’s sleeve.

So we’ll get to what’s so smart about this monitor stand in a minute. First, let’s run through the boring stuff. The stand is 21.7” inches wide and 9.5” inches deep. That means you should be able to fit any monitor on this stand with ease although I doubt you’d be able to get two on the platform. Right out of the box the monitor will be raised about 2” inches but it does include two aluminum legs that raise it up to a little over 4” inches. This provides a 3” inch space under the stand which for me fits my ASUS Chromebox and Bluetooth speaker perfectly. The stand does bow at all under the weight of my 19” inch Dell monitor and it does feel like it could take a lot of weight without bowing at all.

So now the fun stuff. The Satechi F1 Monitor stand is smart for a reason. So what’s so smart? This stand has four USB ports on the front which connect you your computer to give you a USB hub at a really easy location. The F1 does have only USB 2.0, but there is an upgraded model with USB 3.0. The stand also has the ability to connect both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 3.5mm microphone. All of these ports plug into your device through wires under the stand that can run to your PC, Mac, or in my case Chromebox.
In my experience all the ports work well and more than anything, their location is just awesome. It’s far easier to plug a flash drive into the stand then it is to plug it into my Chromebox. The fact that it gives me a few extra is also a bonus as I can only get to two of my USB ports where my Chromebox is positioned.

So is this stand worth picking up? Short answer, yes. The F1 looks nice, works well, and provides a really good value for the money. At the moment you can get the F1 for $34.99 on Amazon or $34.99 on Satechi’s website. On Satechi’s website you can also get a completely black model. The Satechi F3 brings the upgrade of USB 3.0 along with a new color option for $44.99. You can find links to all of these models below.

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