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Turns Out Apple Is Working On An Electric Car

Turns Out Apple Is Working On An Electric Car

Yep, you read that title right and no this is not a joke. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is currently creating some sort of electric car. This project is referred to within Apple as “Project Titan” and apparently has hundreds of people working on the project. 

The project has apparently been in existence for about a year now and is by no means a small ordeal. Right now the project is headed by product design Vice President Steve Zadesky whom has been given permission to poach employees from any part of Apple. Said team, like we mentioned above, currently consists of a few hundred people but has the permission to grow up to 1,000 person team. 

If you need even more convincing as to how serious Apple is taking Project Titan, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. There are some reports that Apple executives have flown out to Australia to meet with contract manufacturers for very high-end cars. Cars such as the Magna Steyr. 

Right now there is virtually no information about this illusive electric car known other than it resembles a minivan. If all of this turns out to be true then this could be some very big news in the tech and automotive industry.

(Story still developing)

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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