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It Looks Like Facebook Is Testing A Material Design Version Of Their App…Kind Of

It Looks Like Facebook Is Testing A Material Design Version Of Their App…Kind Of

Remember back in the day, when the Facebook Android app was an eye sore and a pain to use? We certainly do and we never want to go back to those days again. Nowadays the Facebook app on Android looks decent and performs decent, it does what it’s supposed to do an doesn’t look half-bad doing it. Now it looks like Facebook may be taking the appearance of the Facebook Android app to a new level with Material Design elements. 

Don’t get too excited folks, we aren’t saying that Facebook is updating their Android app to full Material Design. In fact, that’s not even close to what’s going on here. What’s actually going on is that Facebook appears to be testing a slightly updated version of their app with a handful of users. Said updated app includes a couple of small Material Design UI tweaks. For instance, the post button is no longer included on a blue bar located at the bottom of the screen, instead it shows up as a floating button on the bottom right. Clicking this will bring up a few choices such as posting a picture or adding your location. 

Besides this there doesn’t really appear to be much that’s changed in this new Facebook app. It’s definitely far from a full Material Design overhaul of the app and it’s not even available for all users to try. 

This new app itself doesn’t really have us all that excited, what does have us excited is the meaning behind Facebook testing Material Design UI tweaks for their Android app. This means that Facebook is at least trying out some Material Design UI for their Android app to see if users like it more than the current design. Sure they may be only testing a couple of Material Design tweaks now but if they get positive feedback from users they will likely incorporate more Material Design. Who knows, this may be the first step to a full Material Design Facebook Android app. 

Source: Android Police

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