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How Corning Is Creating Extremely Durable Displays Without Relying On Sapphire

How Corning Is Creating Extremely Durable Displays Without Relying On Sapphire

Smartphones are something that most of us use and rely upon in our daily lives, they are very important to us. Our Smartphones contain our contacts, photos, files, and essentially everything else we hold near and dear. Naturally, we end up loving these devices and therefore wanting to do everything that we can to keep them in perfect condition. And what’s the part of your smartphone that’s most likely to get damaged? You guessed it, your smartphones display. 

Corning understands this, they understand that customers don’t want their devices displays to even have a scratch. Especially nerds and geeks like us. I’ll admit it, if I even get a single tiny scratch or chip in my smartphone’s display I lose my mind, it kills me inside. 

At the moment, the latest version of Corning Gorilla Glass is very durable and scratch-resistant making it very desirable to smartphone manufacturers. In fact, almost any smartphone you buy nowadays is guaranteed to use Gorilla Glass. It’s amazing how scratch-resistant and durable Gorilla Glass is but what’s next? What is it that Corning could do to make Gorilla Glass virtually scratch-resistant and almost unbreakable. 

Your answer was almost certainly to incorporate sapphire into their next iteration of Gorilla Glass, which is not a bad guess. Many other companies are just beginning to incorporate sapphire into their smartphone displays to make them more scratch-resistant. Apple even uses sapphire in their home buttons on their newer iPhones to make them more durable. Despite all of this, sapphire is not Cornings next in Gorilla Glass at all. 

As a matter of fact, Corning is trying to avoid using sapphire in their next iteration of Gorilla Glass for a very understandable reason. In drop tests performed by Corning, glass with sapphire incorporated tended to be quite prone to shattering, something that nobody wants to happen to their expensive smartphone. This caused Corning to instead create a new type of glass that possessed qualities very similar to glass using sapphire, only this glass is not prone to shattering. 

Many of you may not realize it but this development is actually a pretty huge deal. This means smartphone displays can be almost as strong as displays using sapphire at, more than likely, much cheaper cost. Not only much cheaper cost to the consumer but also much cheaper cost to the device manufacturers. 

Hopefully we will see this new glass put into a new flagship device sometime in the near future. We are very excited to see how this changes the way consumers use their devices. Also, props to Gorilla Glass for for this significant development. 

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