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Google Maps Receives Update To Include New ‘Local Guides’ Feature

Google Maps Receives Update To Include New ‘Local Guides’ Feature
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Google has just pushed out an update to the Google Maps app on Android which brings the app up to version 9.4. Said update brings with it a pretty nifty new feature that Google is calling ‘Local Guides.’ This new Google Maps feature is similar to a Yelp feature called ‘Elite Reviewers’ which does not surprise us at all seeing as Google is trying to use Google Maps to directly compete with Yelp. 

What this new Local Guides feature does is allow anybody to sign up to become a Local Guide and receive benefits for writing reviews for businesses in their city via Google Maps. Once a Local Guide writes more than 50 reviews they will get a badge on their Google Maps account that shows that they are a Local Guide. Although, as you probably guessed there are currently no systems set up to weed out the bad Local Guides. This means that anybody can sign up and write random reviews just to get benefits, obviously something that nobody wants happening. 

The update is rolling out now as a staged rollout, some of will already have the update so you might want to check. Others will have to be a little more patient but it will be worth it, especially after Google incorporates some new systems to weed out bad reviewers.

Source: Google

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