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Sony Fans Say Goodbye To Music Unlimited And Hello To Spotify

Sony Fans Say Goodbye To Music Unlimited And Hello To Spotify

If you’ve used a Sony product anytime in the last few years than chances are that you have heard of Music Unlimited, Sony’s music streaming service. The unfortunate part to this is that you probably haven’t used it or you’ve tried it and haven’t used it since. This is for one simple reason, it’s just flat-out bad. Thankfully, it looks like Sony has finally realized how bad their music streaming service is and are doing something about it. 

In fact, Sony is preparing to launch an entirely new music streaming service that will replace Music Unlimited towards the end of March. And don’t worry, this time around Sony is going to have a little help from one of the biggest players in music streaming, Spotify. 

Sony is planning on calling this new service PlayStation Music. When it arrives on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xperia smartphones on March 29th, all users will have to do is link their accounts with Spotify and then they will be able to stream all of Spotify’s music through PlayStation Music. On top of Spotify’s huge library of music, Sony will also include quite a bit of music that Spotify does not offer. All together, PlayStation Music will offer users over 30 million songs to choose from as well as 1.5 billion different playlists. 

As for unique features and what not, there is still no word on what those might be. Although, Sony did say that as the launch date of March 29th approaches more will be revealed about the service. Now we play the waiting game. 

Via: The Verge

Source: Sony

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