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Most Of Samsung’s Bloatware May Not Come Pre-Loaded On The Galaxy S6

Most Of Samsung’s Bloatware May Not Come Pre-Loaded On The Galaxy S6

If you ask anybody who hates Samsung devices why they hate them, there is a 99% chance they will say bloatware and TouchWiz. Thankfully, Samsung may be getting rid of one of those issues with the Samsung Galaxy S6. A new report from SamMobile is claiming that Samsung will be getting rid of most of their bloatware apps that come pre-loaded on their devices. 

Apps such as Story Album and S Translator, apps that nobody uses due to there being so many significantly better alternatives, will not come on the Galaxy S6. Instead, if users want to download and use these apps they will be able to do so by downloading them from Samsung’s app store. Doing this, Samsung will be able to lighten the load of their software on the Galaxy S6 and hopefully makes things run a little better and smoother. 

There have been other reports recently of Samsung going with a metal body design for the Galaxy S6 that will get them out of their boring design slump of the Galaxy S series. There have also been recent reports of the company attempting to do some hardcore software optimization for the Galaxy S6 to get it to run as smoothly as Nexus devices. Reports such as these seem to pop-up almost every year without fail about the upcoming Galaxy S device and they are almost always false. The only thing this time around that separates it from every other year is Samsung’s steadily declining profits this year. Samsung is hurting financially right now and this may be their motivation for changing all of these factors of the Galaxy S6 to make it more appealing to customers.

If the Galaxy S6 does indeed have all of these changes incorporated then it will definitely be a device to keep an eye on. A metal body design with great software is an appealing device if you ask us, pair that with Samsung’s great displays and cameras and you’ve got an amazing device.

Source: SamMobile

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