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This Is The HTC One M9 And M9 Plus

This Is The HTC One M9 And M9 Plus

HTC has been pulling out all the stops to hide what the HTC One M9 will look like, but it’s pretty hard to stop the force known as Evan Blass. The M9 and M9 Plus have both been leaked in press photos. 

As recent rumors revealed, the One M9 has a front-facing camera is centered above the display and the bezels have been thinned out to make the device much more narrow. HTC has also messed with the speakers a bit to not only get rid of the annoying black bar, but also to thin them out. The speakers are very similar to the ones found on the Nexus 9. 

The One M9 Plus takes the majority of these design cues and adds a physical button which will double as a fingerprint sensor. The button looks nearly identical to what is seen on Samsung devices. The scanner is expected to work similar to that of the iPhone where placing your finger down unlocks the device rather than swiping it. 

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