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Here Is A Leaked Press-Shot Of The New Moto E

Here Is A Leaked Press-Shot Of The New Moto E

The folks over at Android Police seem to have something quite interesting, a leaked press-shot of the 2nd generation Moto E. At the moment there is no way that we can be certain that this is a picture of the new Moto E but what we can be certain of is that it looks very similar to last years Moto E. Also, the fact that there is no other Motorola device that this can really be right now, the new Moto E is looking like a good contender. 

As many of you may recall, last years Moto E was a fantastic budget Android device that cost just under $150. The device was a real crowd-pleaser. This years 2nd generation Moto E will surely do the same if Motorola keeps the device mainly the same with slightly bumped up specs. While the Moto E devices are designed and advertised as budget devices, Motorola still needs to give them somewhat modern specs to keep them relevant. 

Regardless, we are very excited to see what Motorola pulls out of the hat with the new Moto E. It shouldn’t be long before we see this device now that a press-shot has been leaked. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance we will see it a Mobile World Congress in March. 

Source: Android Police

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