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CyanogenMod Adds A New Boot Animation For CM12

CyanogenMod Adds A New Boot Animation For CM12

With a new Android version comes a new version of CyanogenMod. The popular Android ROM has been chugging out nightlies for dozens of phones and tablets, and in the most recent, they’ve thrown in something fun. A brand new boot animation.

The new, very, very white animation has a new animation of the CyanogenMod logo along with some animations no doubt remenescent of Android Lollipop and Material Design.

While that might be nice, it’s the background color everyone seems to be freaking out about. It’s white and that’s not terrible, unless you turn the phone on at night. Most devices don’t set the brightness when you turn them on so basically, your phone will be a flashlight with this new animation, at least for a few seconds.

Without a doubt the Android community will have some flashable alternatives soon, but until then…

Via: Android Police

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