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T-Mobile’s John Legere Says That He Is Willing To Look Past Customers Bad Credit

T-Mobile’s John Legere Says That He Is Willing To Look Past Customers Bad Credit

T-Mobile has done it again, they have decided to break out of the typical conventions that wireless carriers uphold these. T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, actually got so fired up about this topic that he decided to create a video blog to explain the changes T-Mobile is going to make and let his customers know how he feels about them. 

This topic is customer credit scores, yeah that thing that stops most of us from being able to take advantage of the $0 down deals that most carriers offer. Long story short, John Legere is tired of this exact situation. Because of this he has decided to create a new program at T-Mobile called “Smartphone Equality.” What this does is allow T-Mobile customers who pay their bill on-time for a year to be treated as though they had perfect credit. And for those of you who are already loyal T-Mobile customers that have paid your bill on-time for a year, this will affect you as soon as Smartphone Equality goes into effect. This means that if you pay your bill on-time for a year as a T-Mobile customer then you will actually be able to take advantage of all of their great $0 down deals on smartphones despite what your credit score may be. 

Smartphone Equality will go into effect next week, so if you have already paid your T-Mobile bill on-time for a year and haven’t upgraded because of the up-front cost then you might want to head down to your local T-Mobile store next week. 

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