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Microsoft Announces Windows Holographic Alongside The Hololens Headset [MINDS BLOWN]

Microsoft Announces Windows Holographic Alongside The Hololens Headset [MINDS BLOWN]

Microsoft had a really exciting Windows 10 event today showing off lots of new features of the upcoming update. After nearly two hours of those, we thought they were done, but that was far from true. They saved the best for last. They gave us holograms.

No, I’m not kidding, actual holograms. You know, those things we wish we had from Sci-Fi movies. Windows Holographic is augmented reality that uses a headset to bring the digital world into the real world. Microsoft doesn’t want to put you into a virtual world, they want to bring the virtual world to you. 

Windows Holographic has nearly limitless possibilties ranging from teaching, gaming, and so much more. Some of the apps they showed included Netflix, Xbox Music, and more. They showed a user using the holograms for design work, training, and repairs. They even showed someone playing Minecraft in their living room. 

The Hololens itself is a self-contained headset that contains it’s own CPU, GPU, and specially designed dedicated holographic processor. It has spatial sound so you can hear what’s happening from the virtual items around you. Microsoft isn’t just leaving this for themselves to show off Windows Holographic, they are aiming to get this in the hands of developers and maybe some consumers by the Spring alongside the public release of Windows 10. 

What do you think about Windows Holographic? All I can say is that my mind is completely blown. Let us know what you think.

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