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Dear Google Play Music, I Give Up

Dear Google Play Music, I Give Up

Music is something that is important in just about everyone’s life, and I am no exception. For as far back as I can remember, I always had an MP3 player and earbuds in my pocket loaded up with my favorite songs. Now I’ll admit right away, I wasn’t always great about how I got my music. Finally I decided enough was enough. I was tired of using unorthodox methods to get music, so I finally decided to sign up for a streaming service. Right as I made that decision, Google announced All Access, their own monthly subscription service for all the music you could listen to. I signed up right away and didn’t look back.

That is until now. A year and a half later, I’m leaving the service. At first Google Play Music All Access was ideal for me. It wasn’t too expensive, offered just about every song I wanted, and worked on all my devices. Over time my library built up, new features were introduced, and things just seemed to be getting better and better. Then August hit. That’s when Google introduced a policy that had me and many other in the community angry, confused, and annoyed. Google introduced a policy that limited you to only removing 4 devices from your account each year. 10 devices were still allowed on the account, but once that limit was hit, you had to take some off. That sounds fine, but when you can only remove 4 for the entire year, it’s a bit constricting. For someone like myself especially who goes through devices all the time and who likes to flash a ROM or two here or there, this policy was devastating. No longer could I use All Access on my review units or on the latest build of my favorite ROM.

Once this policy first started affecting me, I started looking into other services. Spotify was the first one on my list since it was only a couple dollars more each month and worked on all my devices as well. So after a little while weighing the pros and cons, I signed up. My original intention was to use Spotify until the limit was lifted, but since I had family who also used my All Access account, I had to keep both subscriptions. I would use Spotify on my review devices and All Access on my personal. At the beginning, the system worked. Then I noticed something strange. My devices were full. I had purchased a Nexus 5 since I intend to get off of Verizon in the near future and wanted to try out Play Music in all it’s Material Design goodness, but couldn’t listen to any songs. So I checked my devices and it was full and no longer could I deauthorize anything. Then I looked closer only to notice that some of the devices I hadn’t even used the app on were being registered. How this was happening I honestly don’t know. So I gave Google a message and they reset my devices. This gave me a clean slate. So I then registered what I needed to, and didn’t give it another thought. Then, it happened again.

For no reason I decided to check my devices and when I did, I saw a pretty good amount in there. What baffled me was that I had only registered three on my own accord. That was when I decided enough was enough. It was time to say goodbye to Google Play Music.

I started transitioning all my playlists over to Spotify and used that daily. The only thing left to do was get my family off of All Access. I didn’t want to open up another premium subscription all together again, so I looked into less expensive options. Then I remember Spotify Family. This plan gives you the option to attach other users accounts to your own and get a discounted rate for everyone underneath you. Every user adds $5 to the bill.

Today is the day though, the day I finally get to say a bittersweet goodbye to Google Play Music. As much as I love this service, I can’t use it any longer because of the policies it has. Hopefully that limit will be lifted at some point.

What about you? What music service are you using and why? Let me know in the comments!

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