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Club Nintendo Will Be Discontinued This Year

Club Nintendo Will Be Discontinued This Year

Rewards programs are usually pretty great. When it comes to video games, they have been improving in recent years. While some rewards came in the form of free games with subscriptions like Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus, some services can net you reward credit with game purchases like Club Nintendo. However, on a bit of a sad note, it looks like Club Nintendo won’t be around for much longer.

Nintendo put out a statement for their Club Nintendo members yesterday concerning the upcoming closure of the reward program. The closure process started then and will lead to Club Nintendo accounts closing on July 1st 2015.

The process schedule according to the statement is as follows;

1/20/15 – Products released after this date are no longer eligible for Club Nintendo registration.

3/31/15 – Last day to earn Coins, register products, and sign up for new memberships.

6/30/15 – Last day to redeem Coins or access your Club Nintendo Account. Club Nintendo shuts downs at 11:59pm PT on 6/30/15

All Coins will be deleted when Club Nintendo closes, so to help those extra Coins, Club Nintendo will be offering a slew of downloadable games and limited amounts of exclusive reward items to February’s rewards catalog. In addition, all Club Nintendo members will get a free code for Flipnote Studio 3D for the 3DS in February. An FAQ has also been included for any lingering questions.

There is a silver lining to this, as Nintendo is working on setting up a new customer loyalty program. We don’t know when or how this will kick in, but it will likely function in a similar way. Who knows, maybe this might be a stepping stone on the road to a unified account system. One can only hope.

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