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Google Updates Their Branding Guidelines

Google Updates Their Branding Guidelines

It looks like Google has just updated their branding guidelines to focus more on third-party app names. You see, Google is not a fan of folks mistaking third-party apps for apps created by or associated with them, which is completely understandable. Because of this Google went ahead and made things a bit clearer for third-party developers in their branding guidelines. 

You will notice these updated branding guidelines when you visit Google’s company support page. There, you will see a completely new section of the webpage that is designated to these updated guidelines. Google is even nice enough to give developers an example of a good and bad app name. “Android MediaPlayer” is not an app name that Google is very fond of, instead they would like developers to name the app something along the lines of “MediaPlayer for Android.” This naming convention would avoid confusion among users that the app is associated or created by Google. 

Google is even going as far as to ask third-party developers who create apps that integrate with social media to make it very clear to users that they are not actually associated with these social media networks. A good example of this would be if a developer created an app that would show users their Facebook feed, the app would not be able to be named something like “Facebook Feed,” it would have to be something along the lines of “Feed From Facebook.”

We know that for people like us and our readers that it is very easy to tell which apps are actually created by companies like Facebook and Google but regular users can not tell as easily. For this reason Google has updated their Branding Guidelines and third-party developers are now going to have to adapt to these changes. 

Source: Google

Via: Android Police

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