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Google Might Be Buying Softcard And It Would Be A Big Deal

Google Might Be Buying Softcard And It Would Be A Big Deal

NFC payments have had it rough since day one. The concept itself is amazing, but few stores support it. Now with dozens of stores pulling out of the game as well, its going to be tough for any NFC solution to succeed. There are currently three major options for NFC payments, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Softcard. Now in an effort to makes theirs succeed, it looks like Google might be buying out Softcard.

This news comes from unnamed sources that state that Softcard has laid off nearly 60 employees last week and have told the rest to take a break while the company was in talks with Google.

So what happens if Google acquires Softcard? Well, I can’t see anything but good things, at least for Google Wallet users. Right now Google Wallet is hated by the majority of carriers which is why they pre-load Softcard on their devices. Now of course that hasn’t stopped Google in letting their users install and use the app, but with the company acquiring Softcard, they might finally have the last laugh with US carriers. If the deal goes through, I’d expect the Softcard app to cease to exist and some of its features to be brought into Google Wallet. I’d also assume that Softcard’s employees will be brought on to work with Google Wallet.
Personally I think that if this deal goes through, its going to give Google Wallet an edge on mobile payments and who knows, it might finally get the carrier’s backing.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be glad to see Softcard acquired by Google? Let us know down in the comments.

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