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TouchWiz May Be Greatly Improved With The Release Of The Galaxy S6

TouchWiz May Be Greatly Improved With The Release Of The Galaxy S6

Let the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors begin! Every year without fail, the new Samsung Galaxy devices becomes the star of the rumor mill just before their release and this year is going to be no exception. We have already heard rumors of things such as the Galaxy S6 including an iris scanner but this new rumor is actually quite interesting and plausible. 

This new rumor is that Samsung is not only creating their upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 from scratch but they are doing the same with TouchWiz as well. Yes, you read that correctly, Samsung may be completely redesigning their TouchWiz UI but wait, it gets even better. The supposed goals of this newly redesigned TouchWiz UI are great, eliminate unnecessary features, improve upon needed ones, greatly simplify the UI. That last goal is the most important one, sources are saying that Samsung wants to simplify their UI and make it as smooth and responsive as the Nexus 6. 

All of this is supposedly part of Samsung’s new Project Zero, a project for redesigning both the hardware and now apparently software of the Galaxy S6 from scratch. This is being done in order to combat Samsung’s quickly dropping revenues and profits. Clearly a majority of Samsung’s users are not fans of their repetitive hardware or laggy and bloated software. 

Via: SamMobile

Source: BusinessKorea

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