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Here Is A Look At The Apple Watch Companion App

Here Is A Look At The Apple Watch Companion App

We finally have some actual news on the upcoming companion app for the Apple Watch. Thanks to 9to5Mac, we now know that within Apple the app is referred to as the Apple Watch Companion app for iPhone. We also learned that the companion app will be capable of controlling settings and interactions between your iPhone and Apple Watch. Below are some of the notable features of the Apple Watch that 9to5Mac discovered through the companion app. 

The home screen of the Apple Watch is obviously one of the most important aspects of the device and it appears as though it will be manged via the companion app on users iPhone’s. Users will get a virtual view of their Apple Watch’s home screen and will be able to modify it to their liking from their iPhone. 

Some new features of the Apple Watch homescreen will include a new Monogram feature, the ability to track your favorite stock, and a red dot that appears when your iPhone receives a new notification. Speaking of notifications, there are quite a few notification settings on the Apple Watch.

Due to the Apple Watch’s lack of a keyboard, users will be able to respond to notifications via their voice or an actual audio message. Users will also be able to disable read receipts, just like they are currently capable of an all other Apple products. It will also be possible to set up default text replies upon receiving a new message or to just not receive message notifications at all unless it is from somebody in your contacts. 

We also learned a little bit about the most important aspect of the Apple Watch, fitness tracking. The companion app will allow users to control which fitness features of the Apple Watch they want activated at any given time. Users will even be able to set it up so that the built-in heart rate tracker will automatically calculate calories burned. 

We have a gallery set up below that includes leaked screenshots of the Apple companion app. It’s important to take note of the fact that this app is not in its finished form and that things are subject to change before it’s released to the public. 

Source: 9to5Mac

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