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First And Second Generation Moto Smartphones Will Receive Lollipop Update Soon

First And Second Generation Moto Smartphones Will Receive Lollipop Update Soon

It looks like a software engineer from Motorola has finally given us an update on the Android Lollipop update that is supposed to hit first and second generation Moto devices. The software engineer, Luciano Carvalho, took to Google+ today with new information that the Lollipop update should be hitting all Moto devices “really soon.” 

As of now, there is only one Moto device that has been updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop. That device is the 2nd generation Moto X Pure Edition. This is due to the device running essentially “stock Android”, making it significantly easier to update the software than a device running a modified version of Android. Unfortunately, even updating a device running near “stock Android” can come with some issues. When the Moto X Pure edition received its update to Android Lollipop it came with many many bugs, this did not make users very happy. 

Luciano gave us an update as well as a little insight into how fixing this issue works over at Motorola. He first points out the fact that an update like this takes some time. This is because Android Lollipop launched with its own bugs, then introducing Lollipop into new hardware, the Moto X Pure Edition, creates an entirely new layer of bugs. So, Motorola’s job then becomes dealing with Lollipop’s bugs and then dealing with their own that they introduced. 

The takeaway from this article is this, all Moto devices from both 2013 and 2014 should be receiving their Android Lollipop update “really soon” and the Moto X Pure Edition should receive a bug fix update sometime in the near future as well. 

Source: Luciano Carvalho

Via: Droid-Life

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